Project Underneath

Underneath is a project created to promote self love and confidence in natural skin. To challenge societies standards for women and to encourage comfort in what's underneath the make up.

Today's beauty standards are shaping the lives and self esteem of young people

around the world. Yet most of these beauty standards are unrealistic. Girls, from a young age, are taught that when they grow up, they start to wear make up, and media tells them this is what makes them beautiful or acceptable.


For myself, this is what I've always known. It wasn't until recently that I began leaving my house without make up. At first, it was a scary feeling. I felt exposed or indecent, and I suppose that is what made me realize I was onto something. Why was I feeling indecent for just being myself? For walking out of the house without applying something that should be considered an option, not a necessity.


If we can't be comfortable and confident in our own skin, then something is wrong and something needs to be done.

Make up is not a bad thing in fact, make up inspires creativity and is a great form of expression for both women and men. The goal of Underneath is not to cut down or shame the use of make up, but to promote the idea that you do not need it to be beautiful. Make up should not be to cover yourself up or to hide, but to highlight your natural, beautiful features that you were born with.

I encourage anyone who is interested in gaining confidence and being comfortable with themselves to give this a try.

Love the you that's underneath.

-Tori Lynn

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